Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte: Is It Vegan If Made With Soy Milk?

Both matcha and latte drinks have their own unique distinctions and set of enthusiast drinkers. The matcha drinkers delight in the vibrant drink’s sweet taste and health benefits, while the latte drinkers enjoy the caffeine kick and creamy texture. Starbucks did the world a favor and married these two together to make a Matcha Green […]

Yeast: Is It Vegan? Can Yeast Feel Pain?

As a new vegan, I’ve become consistent with the behavior of finding and reading the ingredients list on all my food products. The whole process has kind of become a game of animal products word search. One of many ingredients that caught my attention was yeast. Before I did my research, all I knew about […]

Eating Vegan Food at Pei Wei in 2020 (Main Dish)

Eating a vegan meal at Pei Wei can be a little tricky but it’s doable. And no, we’re not talking about their salads. The tricky part about eating vegan at Pei Wei is hunting down their ingredients list for their menu items. Weirdly enough, this fast-casual chain only offers an ingredients list for five of […]

How I Cleared My Acne With Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

In December 2019, I read a study by the National Institute of Health on how Pantothenic Acid aka Vitamin B5 cured mild to moderate facial acne. The study’s procedure was a randomized, double-blind procedure where they evaluated 41 subjects. Over the course of 12 weeks, subjects were either given a placebo or a a pantothenic […]